Lab Values Medical Reference App Reviews

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Just downloaded

From my initial review, I wish I had this app sooner. Will update my review as I get more experience with yet app

Very helpful and useful app.

Good apps for daily work

I suggest you provide all microbiological findings and their related cause. Also include the relevance of Blood Transfusion antibodies and the phenotypes.

Works well except cannot open additional information

This is the third app that I have that discusses laboratory results and it does a very good job. It is also supposed to have additional resources i.e. links to websites for further information such as Wikipedia however none of them work as I get an error message talking about how Apple transport security needs to have a secure connection, and this wont work on my home Wi-Fi nor using my data plan. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.

Love it

Im an RN and use this app regularly. Its just enough info in easy to understand language.

Best lab reference app on iTunes

Excellent medical reference app. UI is very sleek. One great feature is that I can add new labs or edit existing labs and add comments if I need. You can even add categories in the Lab Values section. I use this app almost daily in the hospital. Very powerful reference tool. The abbreviations and prefix/suffix sections are bonuses, but where this app really shines is the lab values section.

M3 on clinical rotations

Downloaded this after a classmate recommended it to me. Now that Im well into my third year, I wish I had known about this app sooner as this apps features have been super helpful during my clinical rotations. The beautiful UI and the great customization options make this app my favorite among the other lab values apps Ive tried.

My Go-To Lab App

I saw my friend using this during his rotations and he couldnt stop raving about it. I decided to check it out myself and it quickly became my go-to app. The super clean interface makes it easy to use. Its nice that I can use it on both my iPhone and iPad.

My most useful app

Been waiting for this update! Love the new design. One of my most useful reference apps throughout med school and now residency

Great app for med students!

Best lab app around, saved me throughout medical school!

Primary care issues

I tried this app as Im a preceptor for graduate nurse practitioner students and was looking for something I could recommend. I found Hemoglobin A1c missing from the endocrine section but could find it with the search function which seems only to be accessible from the all test section. The test information does not discuss the limitation of the test with variant hemoglobins. Fructosamine, the alternative test is not in the database at all. Im concerned with the level of support for primary care in this app. I think this can be a helpful app but will have to give it further trial to see if I should recommend it to others.

Get it!

Awesome reference and it even gives excellent explanations of what each lab means.

Love it!

Perfect for students and experienced health care providers.

Great app!

Great reference for students

Very good medical app.

Has very good lab values along with causes of those labs to be increased or decreased. It also had medical abbreviations and medical prefixes and suffixes.

Heart sounds app

The heart sounds app is beautiful,works very smoothly. Great teaching/learning tool.

Great app!

Use it all the time!


I absolutely love this app!! It allows you to edit and remove things not used, gives you a little background into the values, and even has a spot for favorites and recently viewed. I almost didnt get it because there werent a lot of reviews and I was worried I wouldnt like it, but its totally worth the money and a great asset for students, nurses, and doctors. LOVE IT!!

Great app for medical students and new professionals!!!

I just absolutely love the app. I recently graduated from med school and this is one of my best friends along with other few apps around here!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Great App

Very well thought out app for medical labs...!

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