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A must-have for Canadian practitioners!

This app is head and shoulders above all others I have tried simply due to the presence of SI values. The ability to customise values and the differential diagnosis feature are just icing on the oversized cake!

Good app...but why advertise?

Its a good app: relatively easy to navigate, sufficiently detailed and its custom UI is easy on the eyes. However, they advertise for their other apps (sometimes using intrusive pop-ups when you launch the app). There is no reason to advertise in a paid app!

Looks good

So far looks great. Really detailed info. Just started using it tho so will check back later. Has both si units as well as standard

Easy to use

Great interface and seems quite thorough

Works for me

I like this app. I use it a lot as a critical care nurse. Great, quick reference for labs, medical abbreviations and medical prefixes. Very useful!

Altre mancanze..

Mancano anche Shbg , dheas.. Add more lab values please!

Works well except cannot open additional information

This is the third app that I have that discusses laboratory results and it does a very good job. It is also supposed to have additional resources i.e. links to websites for further information such as Wikipedia however none of them work as I get an error message talking about how Apple transport security needs to have a secure connection, and this wont work on my home Wi-Fi nor using my data plan. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.

Good apps for daily work

I suggest you provide all microbiological findings and their related cause. Also include the relevance of Blood Transfusion antibodies and the phenotypes.

Very helpful and useful app.

Just downloaded

From my initial review, I wish I had this app sooner. Will update my review as I get more experience with yet app

Great app

This app is full of info and more. Easy to use. Very useful.


This is exactly what I was looking for.


This app is like you have a Dr in the house. Wonderful app to use.

Love it

This is a great app that I use often in my clinical studies

4th year Med Student

This is my "go to" lab reference! Labs are the most important thing you can know and understand! This app is my favorite one! Its easy to use and accurate.

Nurse Practitioner

I use this often to check lab values. It has never crashed and gives me the information that I need. I recommend this App to anyone in clinical practice.


Good app wish it was more in depth. But good app

Good App

Nice I love this app

Great app, fast & handy

I use this quite a bit. Better than lugging around outdated texts!

Wrist band

Great device, wish it could track heart rate...

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